Dominik Szabo, MBA - Agent of Brockway Commercial

Dominik Szabo specializes in client representation for commercial and residential properties and is ideally positioned to represent foreign buyers of many backgrounds. As an engineer with international sales and business development experience, Dominik has a well-rounded ability to understand the complexities of sophisticated clients and their needs in real estate transactions. Dominik's past as an engineer and attention to detail makes him the best choice for both residential and commercial transactions to include the monitoring of Pdue diligence through the sales process.

Dominik grew up in Italy, received a Masters of Industrial Process Design from IE in Milan, Italy. He worked internationally across Europe before getting a Master's of Business Administration in Finance from Central European University. He speaks 7 languages including Spanish, German and Italian making him the best choice for international clients and his technical acumen and finance background make him the perfect candidate where precision and attention to detail are important.
Dominik Szabo
Dominik Szabo, MBA
Phone: (832) 844-1724