Canon Doyle
Canon is a Texas commercial real estate agent working primarily in Harris and Galveston counties.

Representing Buyers/Tenants
Having represented national franchisees, local businesses, restaurants, medical offices and retail clients, Canon knows the value in asking the right questions to determine which location is best for your business to operate.

“Does this location give me the ability to reach the people I aim to do business with?”

“Does this location permit me to operate my business functionally and efficiently?”

“Are there other locations close by that offer a similar value? Are they priced accordingly?”

When looking for a new location to operate your business, there are details that are important in your search that others may not have. Finding the location that will best serve you can be difficult but searching thoroughly for the best property is essential if you want the most value for your dollar. After researching the target area and pinpointing prospects that work for you, Canon will negotiate with the Seller/Landlord to maximize the value of the money you’re spending. If you’re moving in to a pre-existing location or building out a space to use, you must negotiate hard to get the most for your money. Working in a competitive real estate market has benefits. If there are multiple locations in your target area that can serve your business, you will have more success negotiating for the best terms.

If you are searching for a new location for your business, Canon can guide you through the beginning of the search, negotiating terms, execution of the contract, to getting you moved in when the time is right.

Representing Sellers/Landlords
Canon assists Sellers/Landlords in their search for the right Buyers/Tenants by marketing their properties to the individuals and the Brokers that represent them, by properly screening Buyers/Tenants to ensure they are a good fit for the property, and by negotiating for the best terms of the agreement that both parties can agree to. If you have a property for sale or lease, Canon can gather the information to market your property correctly, use proven methods to reach buyers/tenants both local and national, negotiate the terms to get the most value from your property and get the deal closed.

If you are currently having an issue with your property or lease agreements, please feel free to reach out to Canon with questions or comments to see if he can help you out!

Canon Doyle
Canon Doyle
Phone: (832) 425 9639